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Merziety has been running for three years now. It was originally established in 2019 by Sculpture Alumni Cat Robertson, inspired by the MERZ philosophy of the artist Kurt Schwitters. One important aim of the society is to maintain historical connections between the college and Schwitters’ Ambleside Merz Barn, which were established during the RCA's relocation to the town in WWII.

We want to introduce others to the legacy and philosophy of Kurt Schwitters, and use his Merz works to fuel new contemporary artworks. This backdrop will provide a grounding for works considering detritus, signage and the media. Merziety’s programme this year will include lectures, artist talks, workshops. It will culminate in a visit to the historical rural site of the Merz barn, wherein members will make their own work, sharing knowledge and learning new skills away from the constraints of the city. Merziety will provide a platform for discussion/ investigation of such shared interests as entropy, anthropocene, semiotics and urban vs agriculture, among others. We hope to be able to create a community of people who share these interests, and to open opportunities for projects and exhibitions to our members.

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