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Soma: Body-Centred Design

Embodied Mind • Interaction Design • Sensory Augmentation • Somatosensory Awareness • Digital Bodies • Haptics • Kinetics • Corporeal Consciousness • Proprioception • Body Extension •


There’s a revolution going on and it’s been going on for some time; across science, philosophy, psychology and the social sciences and in art and design too, that involves a fundamental rethinking of the hierarchy between mind and body.

Thanks to Cartesian dualist thinking, we’ve increasingly focused on the mind as the seat of all intelligence, but there’s a real reversal happening, with thinkers and designers increasingly recognising the role of the body in cognition, the bridge between the body and emotions and memory and how these influence the way we think, even before we are consciously aware of the thought.

At the same time, the technologies and interfaces available to us now offer a myriad of new ways of engaging the body and that opens up exciting new possibilities for designing for the body.

But, it’s not just about how we use art and design, to design for the body. The way of thinking we have become accustomed to has done a number on us too! We need to reconnect with our own bodies; strengthening our sensory and somatic sensitivity, learning to tune into our own resources of bodily intelligence, to think again about how we approach design.


What can you expect?

Guest speakers, resource sharing, exhibition visits etc.

We’ll also offer a variety of somatic practices to tune into our own bodies (entirely optional).

These activities will give the group some structure to get us going, and will evolve from there to serve its members. The primary objective is to get a group of artists, designers and fashionistas together to help each other expand and grow our own practices. Whether these ideas are central to what you do, or you’re just curious to explore a new perspective, all are welcome.

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