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Student Community Fund

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Student Community Fund

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An initiative between the Student’s Union and the RCA Student Experience Team that aims to enable connection-making, a space to talk and be social. We understand that the Cost of Living increases may have made these connections difficult. 

Building stronger, broader social connections in your life can increase your feelings of happiness. We would like to encourage taking down time and a reflection on work-study-life balance, where this is possible.

We want to encourage students’  to create communities and bond over a common interest. There must be a minimum of 5 people in attendance at any event. All events must have photographic evidence supplied with the reimbursement form - reimbursements without group photos will not be considered. All reimbursements must include the reimbursement form and all receipts. If you are missing receipts we cannot reimburse you!

What’s on offer? 

  1. ArtBar reimbursement of up to £80

  2. £50 reimbursement on takeaway food, must take place on College premises

  3. A trip to a local museum/gallery to view an exhibition/workshop, up to £50 reimbursement

  4. Expenses linked to volunteering (must provide evidence, such as email confirmation from organisation), up to £50 reimbursement (examples include travel, lunch)

The ArtBar is open and provides a range of drinks, including alcoholic, non-alcoholic and soft drinks and a snack menu.

Selection process 

Applications will be based on a 1st come 1st served basis, and will depend on the type of event.